Modern Bakery Moscow 2022

July 17, 2022 visited the Modern Bakery Moscow exhibition. This is an international specialized exhibition for the bakery and confectionery markets. The only exhibition in Russia and the CIS, which covers the entire cycle of production and sale of confectionery and bakery products.

The exhibition featured companies producing food ingredients: raw materials and various functional additives.
We presented our product — Jerusalem artichoke flour.
Jerusalem artichoke flour contains in its composition a number of essential nutrients — inulin, vitamins, mineral compounds, pectin substances, etc.
Replacing the share of sugar and wheat flour in the recipe with Jerusalem artichoke flour significantly increases the fiber content in finished products, reduces the content of starch and fat.

Finished products enriched with Jerusalem artichoke flour contain inulin and have a better vitamin composition compared to traditional products.
The positive effect of the use of Jerusalem artichoke flour is to slow down the hardening of bakery products for several hours.

These, in all respects, useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke flour will be our joint scientific work with the Research Institute of the Baking Industry of the FGANU NIIHP. We also discussed the details of this work with the staff of the institute present at the exhibition.